Ultimate Flexibility With SoFed Early Cancel Protection™

Avoid hefty Early Termination fees and maximize you contract flexibility with Southern Federal

Why are there Early Termination Fees on Texas Electricity contracts to begin with? 

Retail Electricity Providers in Texas are competitive. To remain competitive with low rate offers, providers purchase and secure wholesale electricity in advance (sometimes years!). If customers don’t fulfill their contract at the agreed energy rate, the provider will be stuck with already-purchased excess electricity.  So, Retail providers attach hefty Early Termination Fees to their terms to ensure a customer fulfills their end of the contract.

Why would I want to cancel my contract early? 

There are several reasons why you might want to leave your electricity contract early. Maybe you’re landlord who wants a low, fixed rate while looking for a tenant. You may want to shop for a lower rate in the middle of a long-term contract. No matter the reason, being able to leave your power contract at anytime without penalties and fees, allows for maximum contract flexibility.

Add Early Cancel Protection™ to your new electricity account.

Adding Early Cancel Protection to your SoFed™ electricity contract allows you to avoid any Early Termination Fees that might be associated with your electricity product and term with Southern Federal – $9.95/month: See important program details below

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Important Program Details:

  • You will be billed at $9.95/month until cancelled. No upfront payment required. The charge will be added to your monthly electricity statement.
  • If you choose to exercise your Early Cancel Protection, you must contact our Call-Center at: 1.844.644.0474 and submit your request BEFORE you elect a new plan or leave your contract.
  • You will still be responsible for any outstanding balance outlined on your Final Bill.
  • You may remove Early Cancel Protection by request via our Customer Center. Once Early Cancel Protection has been removed from your account, Early Termination fees will apply as outlined on your Electricity Facts Label.