Winter Energy Saving Tips Did you know you can control how much energy you consume in the winter months? This is especially helpful during those days where the temperatures dip for a few days. During cold spells, electric heaters may seem like the obvious choice, but they consume large amounts of energy and will affect your electricity bill if not managed effectively. Below are some useful tips that actually work to help maximize your energy efficiency and lower that electricity bill.  Not only are these tips easy to implement, but they will also make your home more comfortable and enjoyable by removing [...]

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ENERGY SAVING TIPS FOR THE SUMMER As part of our ongoing efforts to help our customers maximize their energy savings, below are some strategies that can help you save money on your electricity bill during the heat of the summer months. Most of these tips are free and can be used immediately, on a daily basis, to decrease your energy costs. After all, who doesn't want to save energy on their next bill? Follow these tips below, one at a time, and notice the savings adding up. For more tips, please follow our links that cover different strategies and new ways to [...]

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